Persuasive Skills – Lessons

They are very helpful.
Helped a lot.

Comes when you are clear with the purpose, goals, effects, impacts, necessity, ways which comes with research, critical thinking, understanding the person, situation as is – non-biased, imagination, positive thinking.

Be courteous.
Be courageous.
If you don’t know something accept it, tell it patiently giving a reason for that as well.

If you are wrong or your assumptions are wrong or you spoke something which you did not meant or you realize that that might hurt – freely, genuinely say sorry, apologize. IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. You realize that your assumptions were wrong and that you need to update.

To err is human, to progress is what a Human should focus on.
to err is human; to fix divine.
to find err is tester; to create divine.
to suggest is human; to implement divine.
to err is human; to progress divine.
to find faults is human; to accept divine.
to criticize is human; to get better divine.
to make fun of others is human; to uplift divine.
to think only of one’s self is human; to help divine.
to live your own life is human; to inspire divine.
to give a hard time is human; to remain happy divine.
to find problems is human; to solve divine.
to complaint is human; to work divine.

Okay, I just went too far with this; but my sole point here is to embrace postivity, help/uplift/inspire yourself and others, work/solve problems train your mind. Find core problems and their solutions and act on it. Progress no matter what; don’t stop because of any barrier, the task at hand is always within your reach.
Success has no alternative.
There is no word like failure in my dictionary only success – Repeat, lessons learned, Absolutely No regrets, and no worries.
You know why i did, what I did because I did not want any regrets, that this could be/might be done. I am like if it should be, could be, then give your 100% to make it must be.

I was like, (My closing Statement)
“It’s all about perspectives. You See 6 and I see 9.
For every Problem, I will have a Solution.” – This statement was awesome..!! It was the height of positivity.

Priorities matter. If one focuses on the greater good, increasing/ enriching the value of the graduates/ people it helps a lot to the world. That is CONTRIBUTION.

Basic Principle: If you make user’s life easier; it will make your life easier too.

//similar: In the good of others lies our own. – HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj.
//if you make others life easier; it will make your life easier too (by itself).

Persuasive skills also come when you don’t consider yourself inferior to others; superiors; higher authorities; treat everyone as an equal. Treat yourself and others as you are and as they are – humans. Of course there are things to be considered in the way of behaviour, talking, while a guru(teacher), king or a scholar(learned person) comes or you have to talk to them.
BE KIND TO EVERYONE. Have courage and a belief in yourself. Both are equally important.
NEVER CONSIDER YOURSELF AS SUPERIOR AS WELL. And there’s no need to remain shut in humility which acts as a barrier for your progress. Speak only what’s necessary. Of course, Engagement brings Clarity but talk sane things, limit yourselves to great thoughts, active listening skills, you can get/ learn much from others(of course I’m talking about great people in your field of interest).


While others prepare for a dream job, I prepare on giving dream jobs.
//as i like giving

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Re-Incarnation (Punar-Janma)

October 9th, 2017

Thought 1

If you do a mistake today, then even today your parents allow you another chance to get better – for most mistakes. Even if you are a thief, government/ law might permit you another chance or they sometimes give many chances, although you committed a crime. But in Christianity, it’s like whatever you have done in this life; you have to wait until the end of the earth – may be billions of years for the hearing. And it is not that God doesn’t have mercy. Lord Swaminarayan has asked for all the devotees/ disciples that

Lord Swaminarayan has asked for all the devotees/ disciples that

  1. If your devotee is to suffer the pain of one scorpion, then may I suffer the pain of millions of scorpions of every pore of my body but your devotee doesn’t have to suffer.
  2. If it’s in the fortune that a devotee has to beg, then may that come to me but your devotee should never suffer the pain due to lack of food or clothes.

If a child has lived for two minutes and he dies then does he have to wait until the end of the world for the judgement day? Believing in Hinduism or afterlife beliefs of Hinduism is much more logical, believable and trustworthy. As in Christianity, the soul comes with the birth so he then has to stay until the end of the world to let the God decide where to put him forever in heaven or hell?? Seriously, thinking of this waiting-time made me respect Indian Government and Law System of every government and made me appreciate the customer service of every institution i ever called.


  1. Does the Soul rests in the coffin with the body? Because many bodies of the Muslims and the Christians have not been put in the coffin.
  2. Does Christianity believe in the soul? I heard Christians believe in two things – Soul, Spirit of God (Pls correct me)

There is someone/something who handles everything in our body. It’s not that it functions automatically. Right now if a bone is broke; with just a cast on it and placing it appropriately – fixes the bone automatically – but not after death.

  1. Where do you think soul goes after death? (Because after a certain amount of time the body perishes) Does it stay with the body? I’m skeptical about that because many bodies have been torn apart(soldiers, etc.) or have been lost in the sea or eaten? Please explain that.

Swaminarayans believe that there is soul inside the body, there is God residing in us as well and in everything else. Body and the soul are two different things. Body-perishable and Soul(Atma) – imperishable, eternal, indivisible. And God too is a separate eternal entity which resides in us.  We Focus on imbibing the thought – I am Atma, I am Brahma. Within me, the Lord Himself- the Supreme Being – Creator of all is forever residing.


Why can’t we see the soul/ God?

There are many limitations to what you can see with these eyes. You can’t see beneath the skin – you need an x-ray for that remember which shows only bones and not other things, nor the things farther from the last planet with a telescope because that’s too far. Similarly, you need to have a tool and vision for seeing the eternal entity. You need to work and then it’s possible. You can’t see your own eyeballs because they are so near. Even you can’t see with your own eyes what’s happening in the back at the moment – you turn to look and the moment’s gone. The point is you need divine vision. There are many people who have experienced God in the past and many including myself who have met/seen/felt/heard/touched in-person. And that is through Him, His Divine Holiness MAHANT SWAMI MAHARAJ. And I’m too happy and blessed that I’ve met Him.

Thought 2:

A Few of the uncountable #credible sources supporting Reincarnation:-

A book was written by an American Spiritual Leader, author, orator, and writer- Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Reincarnation: The Missing Link in Christianity 

Another book is by Raymond Moody – a philosopherpsychologistphysician and author, most widely known for his books about life after death and near-death experiences (NDE). Raymond Moody didn’t believe in reincarnation for years but then wrote the best-selling book.

Life After Life: The Bestselling Original Investigation That Revealed “Near-Death Experiences”

Read here:

Buy here: Life After Life

Evidence for Reincarnation can be found here in some Other MAJOR supporting Blogs. I recommend you to investigate further with real incidents noted and explained hereby…

Everything is evidential – simply saying No or not accepting beliefs doesn’t make it that way nor solve the problem.

Lastly, I don’t mean to offend anyone but I am just presenting my views/opinions with a compare and contrast approach between different religions on Reincarnation – Rebirth. And yes, if you believe in this then there is only one person on earth currently who knows the solution to this life and death cycle and can free us from this – and that is His Divine Holiness MAHANT SWAMI MAHARAJ.

Thank You..! May God bless us all.!!

References used:

Swaminarayan Philosophy – Hinduism.

Brahmadarshan Swami.


God Bless America..!!

Toronto to Charlotte


  1. First day in America: #ExperiencingAmerica

It was awesome. I encountered the first person at the customer service assistance – was waiting in a line – was the first one in the line. Soon the line grew and most people I think were for changing their itinerary. A few minutes later the second and only customer service assistant called me up as she was done with the previous ones. I asked in a nervous tone whether I can go outside the airport – to visit Charlotte, North Carolina and come back again to catch my next flight. She said yes you can come back if you have the Valid ID and the Boarding Pass. I said I didn’t have the boarding pass.

She said, “Give me your passport I’ll check”. She asked, “Are you going to Rome next?” and I said, “Yes, I’m”. She inquired after finding the Schengen visa, “Is this your Visa hon?” I’m mesmerized.

Oh my goodness, and I fell stumbled upon the words she chose. I was like hon – Honey. Who says that?  Well, nobody says that. And actually, for the customer service executive myself( have a good experience in the past) all I have known is – there are tons of people that we have to deal with every day and showing love in this manner was not in me at the time nor the people who worked with me. I know this as I have nearly a year of experience in customer service doing a job myself dealing with numerous people every day. Trust me I have seen many good customer executives, but undoubtedly she was The Best.

Because she said in this manner, love and respect naturally were born in me for her. I put my effort and tried hard to get her name from her nameplate on her shirt. And I remembered her since that moment on, it was “Kimberly”. Even the name became sweet because of the smallest affection she had put in her everyday work. And because of this encounter, I was too much happy. Continuing, she said here’s your boarding pass and now you can enter back in the airport showing your passport with this boarding pass. “This just made my day, as this thing made the day more complete, less worried, and I just got a trip to Downtown, Charlotte all because of this lady or else I would have to sit and read till my next flight – almost 9 hours of exploring AMERICA.

Yes, also before this she asked directly – the first thing‘- caring for me when I said I have got 9 hours of time before my next flight that ‘So, you would like me to check whether there’s a flight earlier than that ?’ and I said, “No, I want to visit Charlotte if I can”. And She said, “Of course you can go out and visit Charlotte”.

After this whole incident, I was happy a lot – smiling – I left her saying thanks a lot. This first experience made me agree to the popular saying and it made me say in a true sense with all my heart and utmost respect for all the people that, “God Bless America..!”. Although, I wasn’t able to tell her that, this feeling has been with me since then.

Apart from this everybody whom I approached – more than 5 people – they all were very helpful; in a very good manner – did everything they can to help me. That was a great part. The individuals include a lady at the tourist help counter, the traffic manager, the bus drivers or the people at the reception in their big and beautiful library.

  • The driver actually walked me from her bus to the next connecting bus herself and told the next driver to take care of me.
  • Another driver checked by going back in her bus if she has some change for me
  • The traffic officer took some time from her work at the airport and talked to me, informing many beautiful places of Charlotte and how to go there.
  • The tourist helper gave many tourist attractions info with the really big map of Charlotte and also gave me change for the exact fare in CATS – public transit.

I came back just on time, and believing that the gates would be the same, I found reaching the last – the farthest gate that they are changed and I had just around 12 minutes to find the proper gate and reach there before the gates close which was in a totally different section of the airport. Luckily, working hard- running I reached the gate just before 2 – 3 minutes which is just the usual for me – to reach on time – not before – nor late. And I was in the paradise in a moment – ROME, ITALY


By Intelligent former campus director of SNPIT &RC, H R Patel Sir on this incident – “She does her work this way because it helps her as well throughout the day.” And I was awestruck and went in deep thought hearing this comment.


Charlotte, North Carolina.

We Live in Paradise..! (Summer International Program – Italy)

Dante Alighieri – The father of Italian Language said this, and trust me all the people residing in Italy believe this very firmly. And I am extremely fortunate to experience it to the fullest and living life the Italian way..!

Starting a journey with many postponed/canceled events resulting in not meeting a single person of my group made me skeptical but contrasting it completely the group that I got because of this summer program at prestigious and much honored Centennial College was indescribable. They were the best and extremely fun-loving travelers I’ve met in my lifetime. They are some of the most caring, most mannered and most adorable people I’ve ever met. They were not my friends but in 15 days all of them became more than family to me. Again a lot of thanks goes to Centennial College..! I’m not exaggerating about them; not even a bit – this is the truth, meet & find out yourself.

This incredible group consisted of 19 friends from Uganda, Afghanistan, Russia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Africa, Sri Lanka, and myself from India. Truly a Global Experience..! Centennial College will surely be remembered forever by me with utmost reverence. Thanks @CentennialCollege for selecting me in #SIPItalyUrbania and #SaGE for arranging everything so perfectly and gifting me the #GlobalExperience.

The hosts Lea and uncle cared us with extreme and unseen love & respect treating us just like their sons and served us delicious food with a personalized table-linen(our names written on them).PS She had 30 years of experience as a cook/chef. The L’insegnante (teacher) Anna Ferri who took our Language Class was the coolest and the best teacher I ever had. She was awesome at teaching Italian, a caring, and a happy person. She did her best to understand us. Even she used to play great Italian songs in-class to fill the blanks correctly listening to the lyrics. And yes, we even watched a movie in class. Thanks, Lea and Anna for making Italy trip very memorable.

Thanks, Diletta for arranging the housing so properly – can’t expect anything more even in my imagination. Lastly, thank you very much, Pearl, for arranging the make-up orientation and supporting me very well through the whole process. I came to know how an excellent email looks like.. Giovanni – the Managing Director at Centro Studi Italiani and Enrico the student coordinator thanks for all your help and extraordinary support.

Grazie Mille Centennial for bestowing us with a remarkable and extraordinary international experience, providing us the substantial bursary and giving abundant happiness.

Readers, I highly recommend to experience the paradise yourself..! I bet you’ll have many things to say and tons of memories to share. Even my computer has 141+ Gig memories of Italy…IMG_20170924_102801_012.jpg


                              Cheers to the reality that was better than a dream..!



Please leave your precious comments on how can I improve my blog as this is my first one.

Forgive the errors with your big heart.. & thanks for reading.

– Rishit Sheth